Movie Review: Carrie

Chloe Moretz

It’s December. Christmas is on the way and for the movie-lovers, it’s also a very rewarding month. First of all, The Hobbit is finally premièring. But until then, 2 or 3 other movies can fill the gap.

Carrie. And yes I am referring to the movie. I went to the cinema with my girlfriend and we had not decided what to see between this and the second part of “The hunger games”. Choosing “Carrie” was probably a huge mistake. Pretty much i will criticize the plot of the movie so i yell SPOILER ALERT for those of you who have not seen it (not that you’ ll miss a huge turn around, in the plot 😛 )

I consider myself an average viewer. I watch lots of series and try to be updated when It comes to movies. But the last few years I notice that most of the trailers really ruin the movie so I try to avoid watching any.

Now, back to Carrie. I did not read Steven King’s book, so i did not know what to expect, except for the trailer which led me to the conclusion that it was a religion based movie (with theories about the devil etc.). When the movie started i was pleased. A child with high possibilities of being the devil’s pawn is more than satisfying, blood all over the place and a screaming woman praying to God. As the movie continued i could sense that something did not feel right.  Even when the little girl started to control her power i had a hope of the Devil himself showing up, or at least an ancient legend, or even a script from the Bible.

Under the fear of sounding insulting (but this is my personal opinion), to sum up the movie, Carrie is a girl with a psychotic, crazy and worst of all, religious mother who brainwashes her daughter since the day she was born. Carrie is also extremely unlucky as she gets her first period the same time she discovers the awesome power of Telekinesis. So adding the hormone mess up coming from the period, an oppressing mother and a super power she snaps and hell is unleashed.


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