Movie Review: The Hunger Games – Catching Fire


So… After wasting my money on “Carrie” i decided to see the second part of “The Hunger Games, Catching Fire”.  Another movie coming to life from a book (which i have not red).

To be honest, a month ago i was not at all interested in The Hunger Games, at all. But it seems that marketing has a way to lure you, so i said to myself: “What the heck?! New-age science-fiction production, it can not be that bad”, plus the fact that someone put some effort to give life to a book. That alone is worth something as we have been rewarded from countless such examples, Lord of the Rings being the best of them (but Carrie heading towards the exact opposite direction 😛 ). And just so you know, this week i am going to see  “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and something tells me that when i start telling my opinion i will have mooore that just a few things to write. However, i have to stay on topic 🙂

For those familiar to the first movie, i am 100% sure that you noticed the exact same structure in the movie. The first and long-lasting part was a bit boring, but extremely interesting nonetheless, because you find out a lot about the people in the districts, and you get fired up against the Capitol and the way they treat them. That feeling was heightened during the presentation of the couples before the Games and the insanely innovative mockingbird dress. And right before Katniss elevates to the arena you get the mostly unfair death (seemingly at least, so far) of Cinna. And there i was like: “Get out there and just end this in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!”.

And that brings us to the intense and full of wits, second part of the movie. The actual Games begin…

The first think you notice is the environment. And then, while i was expecting Katniss to start running away (like she did in the past) she starts running towards the supply crates!!!! As the movie goes on a really awesome mechanic is revealed, concerning the way the arena works and by the moment you think that they all have a chance of getting away with it, BOOM! They all get literally thunderstruck! But the lovely Katniss has an Ace up her sleeve and does the unexpected, an action which is when you start to see her as a true leader (i sound pretty nerdy huh? 😛 Well, actually i am in a way).

I am not going to extend any further to the plot, but i believe that the following movie(s) are about to be very interesting and with a lot more action. My only concern is if they can make an outside war equally interesting to the arena fights. Well that remains to be seen 🙂 But in general, i definitely recommend you to watch “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire” considering that you first of all see the first movie.

PS. A character i did not expect to like and caught me by surprise was the weird blonde lady, Effie Trinket.


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