A Child born in the shadows

Daily Prompts

New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


I can compare the number of times i haveve seen the sunrise to the times i have not and the numbers will be pretty close. Due to the nature of my ocupation, 5 to 6 months each year i have to work at night, so by the time i get back home, i take the (long) scenic route by the sea just to admire that spectacle. After a hard night’s work, i do not mind getting to bed when the rest wake up to seize the day. After all i seized the night for them 🙂 Witnessing the sunrise i get to go to bed and rest, while most people get to work 😛

The story was different when i was a bit younger. Being a gamer during the summer can be very painful and here is why. What gamers persue is free time. And what a gamer does with the free time given? Play video games. It does not matter what game it is, though picking a good game helps filling your time schedule (for me it was World of Warcraft), as long as you keep your eyes occupied in front of a PC monitor. Of course you have to remember every 3 to 4 hours to eat something just to keep your body in a condition of enduring. For three years, before i equip my house with a proper PC unit, i emptied my pockets to the local Internet cafe close to my house, accompanied by my 4 best friends, all together in the same loop.

That was when i started witnessing the sunrise. To be more accurate i would not see the sun rise. I was only seeing the world outside the internet cafe illuminate and then i knew that it was about time to get back home, sleep till the next afternoon, wake up and continue gaming 😛 I know it sounds a bit messed up…

Now it’s a whole different experience. I enjoy it more, i do not feel like i have wasted my time to see the sunrise, i invite everyone who has not done so to make proper arrangements! Trust me, watching the sky change so many colors in 20 minutes is really a marvel! Sundown is truly majestic, but we get to see that a lot! Try something different for a change and you will definitely be rewarded!

A little tip from a fellow photographer! If you have not witnessed a sunrise yet, the first time you do so, DO NOT have a camera with you. You will miss it trying to capture it, looking the sun through the camera while you have it in real size right in front of you. You must first let the emotions flow in from that experience, know how you react everytime you look at the sun coming up. Only then, point your lens to the sun and Click!



About afostinis

I am Greek, musician, video-gamer, photographer and pretty much i try lots of things (but i usually get bored)...
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