I’m so empty without you

Daily Prompts

The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

How would the world look like without mirrors?

Taking for granted that there are no mirrors, there are no reflections in general. I believe it is easy to say that this would be a flat world, without any optical interest. Colours would be flat and the sea would not reflect the sky’s blue, the eyes of the one i love would be empty everytime we look at each other seeking compassion. In time, i will forget how i look and my only memory will be based on past photographs, asking others to describe my appearance from now on, enforcing my sense of insecurity.

I will no more be able to play with the reflection of the sun, turning it to my friends’ eyes for an instant, only to see them make funny expressions before realising what happened. The next time i witness the majestic view of a mountain in front of a lake i will not be able capture the mountain and its reflection on the water at the same time. Photoshop will do that for me, based on the way the world used to look.

A pretty boring world….


About afostinis

I am Greek, musician, video-gamer, photographer and pretty much i try lots of things (but i usually get bored)...
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